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A platform where repositories are datasets and label edits are commited as versions.


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Start Streaming Datasets Instantly

pip install dataTap

Dataset management for Software 2.0

Hassle-Free Data Management

User-friendly data management tool designed
for developers by developers

Manage All Your Labelled Data in a Single Format

dataTap uses droplets as an interchange format for data annotations. It easy to create, manipulate, and manage droplets with off-the-shelf tools in any language.

Build a Balanced Dataset in Seconds

dataTap helps create high-quality datasets in seconds. Construct datasets yourself, or let our powerful curation tools do the painful work for you.

Land your Dataset with Only Two Lines of Codes

Easily import the dataset into any training or data management pipeline with only two lines of code. dataTap tools work with your existing workflow and popular machine learning frameworks.

Unify Data Into a Single Format

dataTap uses the droplet format specification to allow you to document dataset schema. Easily combine data sets if they have the same droplet schema.

Enjoy Millions of Open Annotations

Enjoy free public droplets and contribute your data labels into our repository. Store and share upto 100GB of data labels at no cost.


Available Object Annotations

Access Anywhere with Streaming dataTap

dataTap format allows you to start using data on a new machine without having to reconfigure or set up a data pipeline from scratch.

Fast Integration

Fits Into Your Existing Workflow

Connect your existing pipelines to train and develop
anywhere you want

Annotation Services



Instant Data

Free Datasets at your Fingertips

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Millions of open annotations ready to use